Monday, August 20, 2012

Soy Milk (Homemade and Organic)

I have wanted to make my own soy milk for the longest time. My family members told me not to bother as it is pretty cheap and easily available in Singapore. "Spend your time making more desserts for us" they would say.

I was in the supermarket the other day, I could not resist picking up the packets of organic soy beans which were staring straight at me. It was 2 to 3 times more expensive than normal beans but I was sure going to make my very first soy milk.

To justify, I have to let my family know that it is ORGANIC so it will be different from those selling in the food market stalls.

All you need are a blender, a big sieve, a muslin bag or a bag used for extracting coconut milk and a big pot. Easy!

Well, it was delicious, tasted real rich and good and my family can really tell the difference. So I suppose they would not stop me from making soy bean milk anymore. It was worth the effort to make a healthy drink full of proteins. I must always remember to start a day earlier if I want to make for them as you have to soak the beans overnight or at least 10 hours.


300g organic soy beans
2.8 L of water (2800 ml)
250g of sugar, less if you do not want it so sweet
8 pandan leaves (optional)


Wash beans thoroughly and soak them overnight or at least for 10 hours.


The next day, remove and discard the loose skins of the beans and wash rinse them again in fresh water and drain well.


Wash and tie the pandan leaves together.
Divide the beans in four portions to put them in the electric blender. Remember to keep to 700 ml per portion to make up to 2.8 Litres of water.

Blend them in short burst of 30 seconds until all the beans are blended well. Pour them out into a big sieve over a big pot.


As the pulp still contain lots of milk, it is best to put it in the muslin bag and squeeze out the remaining milk into the sieve and strain over the pot.
Do this in 3 more rounds.
I suggest you strain the milk one last time to obtain a pulp free smooth milk.


Put the pandan leaves in the pot of soy milk and bring to boil on medium heat.


When it is boiled, turn the flame to low and simmer, add the sugar and stir it once in a while.
Do not let it come to a rolling boil or else the milk will start to curd.
Simmer for another 15 to 20 minutes more and it will be ready.
You can drink it hot or let it cool then chill it in the fridge to serve it cold.


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